Monday, September 24, 2012

Closing Time

Well I owe an apology to readers here, I have not updated The Harvest in a long while. 

In August I had to complete my MSc dissertation and quickly started work afterwards. Since then I have put off coming back here and now I'm thinking it may be time, after two years of posts, to wind this blog up.

If that's going to be the case, first I want to thank readers and contributors here, everyone who kept me on my toes with comments and criticisms and also all of you who just popped by to read. Thanks, folks! It's been a lot of fun coming up with ideas every few days and having you all test them for cracks.

Coming to the end, I can look back now with a critical eye.

The blog has never had a clear theme. That's mainly because of my own very wide interests. The Harvest blundered from articles on international politics and religious conflicts to wood carving and children's literature. I find that most things are interesting in some way! I also think that a wide range of knowledge can be beneficial: to be Philip Tetlock's fox, not his hedgehog, in knowing lots of things instead of one big thing. I understand, though, that visitors may have been baffled by this lack of focus, and it is probably a failing in this blog.

Not earning any money from the blog, I was unable to devote myself to it like I would have to a professional project. This meant that the quality of writing and research was not as high as I'd have liked, and sometimes I ended up filling gaps with very short posts. I tried to combat some of the mistakes I saw in news media but squeezing this writing into my dwindling spare time meant that I was unable to do the kind of analysis that I thought was missing from wider media. That has been a source of occasional frustration.

Still, I wrote here about things that fascinated me, so hopefully some of my readers have enjoyed my posts here! Thanks again for sticking around and commenting and sharing my articles. I will leave the blog up for the foreseeable future, and the email address in my About Me section still stands. Time to bow out for now, good luck!


  1. Best of luck in you new post. And thanks for all the articles. Plenty of food for thought here!

  2. Cheers Shane, it's been fun following your blog, I hope to see more of your writing elsewhere in the future!

  3. Thanks fellas, I've enjoyed your thoughts and comments here too!

  4. I just found this blog today and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    Such a shame your closing it down.

    Best of luck for the future.

  5. Well thanks very much A.K.A Damo Mackerel!


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