Monday, December 19, 2011

One more reason not to tidy my room

I suffered quite a bad head cold not long ago, and was then cramming to finish some large college assignments, so I didn't get around to tidying my room for ages. My room is small and clutters easily, so within a fortnight the place was in complete chaos.

I was about to leave the house for a short time today and wasn't locking my bedroom door. Wondering for a moment if this would make my room more likely to be burgled, in the case of burglars breaking into our house, I poked my head back into the room before leaving and looked at the anarchy within.

Nah, I thought. Even I can't find anything I want in this mess. It looks burgled already. Surely a burglar would despair on seeing this madness and give up. It made me laugh, and wonder. Would a really messy room deter burglars? Are tidy rooms more easy to burgle since it is presumably easier to find items of value there?

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