Thursday, December 8, 2011

Occupy Monterey meets capitalism

I suggested before that the Occupy Wall Street movement was a bit of a missed opportunity, releasing a simplistic anti-corporation declaration and not uniting with those on the right who also opposed 'crony capitalism'. Then today I saw this:
On Saturday, December 10, I'll be giving a talk at Occupy Monterey.

Title: Crony Capitalism versus the Free Market
That's by free market economist David Henderson. So it will be interesting to see if Henderson can bridge the right-left divide and establish a common cause.


  1. Sorry for my slow reply Vidar, was busy with college stuff this week. Well it's perfect timing anyway, David Henderson has just written up his experience here:

    The article is too long for me to go into detail here, he seems very pleased by how it went though. His views on many items would not be alien to the Occupy people:

    - Against bailouts
    - Against aggressive foreign policy
    - Against PATRIOT Act
    - Against assassination of suspected terrorists

    He also 'started with the basics' of free markets, arguing that they are broadly a series win-win situations. Worth a read anyway :)


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