Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ireland and the alien West

I argue often that 'Western' values and norms developed in Western countries at the expense of their own traditional values and norms. There is nothing inevitably or naturally European about religious tolerance, democracy, liberalism and the like, and they replaced traditional cultures which were often oppressive and illiberal.

Likewise the pop music and cinema today so associated with the West were once alien and feared by the national and traditional thinkers of different European countries. I just stumbled upon this remarkable article from the Meath Chronicle, a local newspaper for Ireland's county Meath, from 1930. A quote, with my emphasis:
Irish-Ireland nights are far too few during the past few years, and more is the pity. They are a steadying invigorating influence to the minds of the young, pointing in unmistakeable fashion to the fact that it is not necessary for the country to borrow its amusements from the dens of either Paris or London, that “O’Donnell Abu” is a sweeter air than any of the vulgarities now passing as music, and praised and laughed at in the spirit of exaltation by a number of people in this country, still anxious to ape foreign mannerisms and habits. The year, 1931, must find the Gaelic Athletic Association doubling its efforts in support of its praiseworthy mission. In the fight between an Ireland fostering a native culture and an Ireland whirling in the vortex of a Pagan and corrupt civilisation, it must bear a big share of the battle. Modern conveniences, the radio, the cinema, etc., all are lending their aid to crushing in the hearts of the Irish race a... (text missing) of the beautiful and characteristic traits which without, this country must accept the role of a nation enslaved in mind and thought.
Eighty years later I can confirm that the Pagan and corrupt modernity has won, utterly, the minds that this old nationalist fought for. Were I an anti-Western conservative in Iran or China I would not be hopeful; I suspect people in those places will embrace alluring modern decadence in due course too.

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