Friday, July 8, 2011

Vindication! Now let's start drinking cactus juice

I remarked on another post that as a young child one of my schoolfriends and I used to imagine living in a desert. We based this game on a simple Ladybird book in the school, which told us that occasionally deserts would experience brief but severe rain storms, and then go years without water.

We decided to push that a little further, imagining snow storms: I can still remember us pretending to ski about the desert in the schoolyard! Older friends or siblings put us right, saying it could not snow in the desert.

So I am delighted to see this story about a snow storm in the Atacama Desert of South America! We were right all along.

...Seeing as another of our ideas was that cacti contained not only water but also 7-up, Coca-Cola and other soft drinks, I think it's time people started tapping cacti on a more industrial scale.


  1. Well interestingly, cacti are used to make Tequila so youve been vindicated twice!

  2. I will never doubt myself again :D


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