Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Steady as you go, Somalia

A bizarre graph from the World Bank, supposedly showing Somalia's infant mortality rate from 1986 to 2009:

Perfectly straight! I guess this is the World Bank's way of saying they don't really know what infant mortality rate Somalia has, perhaps because it is impossible to determine in Somalia's decentralised anarchy. I have posted a question with Google Public Data Explorer, who publish the World Bank data, and I will add the reply here if it is useful.


  1. Nice catch, that's also another very big problem with the developing world. Most statistics are educated guesses where most of the population lives off the grid with little or no official documentation.

  2. Cheers, Rohan, I still see no reply at the Google discussion forum but they say that they reply to every question so hopefully they'll get around to it.

    I love nice clear statistics and beautifully simply graphs but as you say, these stats can be educated guesses or fabrications. Which is irritating!


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