Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What the internet was made for

Earlier today I read a very serious debate about the idea of applying gender quotas to Irish politics to get a higher proportion of women represented in government. This was a sincere and rather bitter discussion between those who supported it and those who did not.... And then I blundered into a Pakistani discussion forum where the members, male and female, were discussing the mechanics of very fat people having sex.

Thread starter: With huge tummies, is it possible to do sex. Is anyone here with a BMI of 30 or more. How do you find it difficult, or keep difficult aside, rather possible to have sex ?

A few of my favourite comments, with the names removed for privacy:

Boy 1: Fat males usually have a shrunken pipi. And they have problems in getting blood to their pipi's.

Girl 1: u can still have it if u want it bad enough , so dont worry [thread starter], stack up on those pizzas and desserts ,, wont hurt a thing :P

Boy 2: [quoting] "Fat males usually have a shrunken pipi. And they have problems in getting blood to their pipi's."
- words of an experienced man :D

Boy 3: fat guy in missionary position? thats gonna suck for the girl
she is fucked, both literally and metaphorically

Thread starter: [quoting] "fat guy in missionary position? thats gonna suck for the girl
she is fucked, both literally and metaphorically [2]"
- [Boy 3], I am a humanist, I care for my fellow humans :d

Boy 4: missionary position would be like road roller rolling on the road. :-|

Girl 2: obese ppl look ugly even if they are dressed up , imagine how wud it be like wen they are not , sux !!!!
P.S no hard feelings for fat ppl , one shud work out for fittness, health is wealth remember

Boy 5: fat or thin, as long as u have huge package, fatness doesn't matter

Thread starter: [quoting] "fat or thin, as long as u have huge package, fatness doesn't matter"
- How huge is huge ?
how huge should the package be to defy a 10-12 inch tummy ?

Girl 3: a lot of people in this commmunity dont look good with clothes on, and they will eventually get laid. so dont worry about the fat ones.

At this point one of the members made a spelling mistake that seemed to imply she was suggesting the thread starter marry several obese women.

Boy 5: One obese woman is enough to squash him into pulp.. how can he think of several obese women.

Wonderful stuff! When I lived in Japan I noticed sometimes that they seemed to lack the politically correct sensitivity that has grown stronger here. In Ireland, like some other Western countries, many people are concerned about racism, sexism, homophobia and so on, concerned to the point where any sign of support for such prejudices is quickly stifled. Good or bad, this sensitivity is limiting, a bit wearying.

The Japanese hadn't quite accepted this, cheerfully voting into office as governor of Tokyo the unabashed bigot Shintaro Ishihara whose tirades against Chinese and Africans would astonish most Europeans. In Tokyo joke shops one can buy the "gaijin setto" - a massive pink false nose, fake glasses and furry yellow eyebrows, to play at being white. Am I offended? Of course not.

It's for the same reason that the careless irreverence of this discussion so amused me. Insensitive, harmful, hurtful, hilarious :D


  1. Brilliant!

    When you posted your question about feminism the other day on facebook you got several replies and soon enough a facebook wall post debate broke out (unusual but brilliant). After about twelve replies and retorts I was sorely tempted to interrupt with a completely anti-intellectual comment just for a laugh. But I was too afraid of been seen by strangers as being politically incorrect (not to mention being an arsehole).

    It would have read: Individualism? Collectivism? They're all just lesbians!

    Anyway, it's funny how we make a point of being PC around strangers but we relax around people we know. Internet anonymity helps break the PC barriers to a large degree. Were the people having this discussion about sex and obesity anonymous? Maybe not, you hid their name (I ask because they may have been usernames).

    People are too easily offended these days. This stifling veil of tolerance is becoming more opaque all the time. The internet provides a much needed breath of non filtered air.

  2. Hehe, glad you enjoyed that Dave!

    On that forum some used real names, some used fake ones, but since I hadn't asked consent to reproduce their conversation elsewhere I thought it better to protect their privacy a little. That forum is part of, a social networking service run by Google. Very few Irish people on it, it's dominated by South Asians and Brazilians but there are some Europeans and Americans too.

    The diversity of opinion is astonishing. I've read views from radical feminists, communists, anarcho-capitalists, Islamists, Hindu fascists, Christian fundamentalists - you name it!

    One positive consequence of this experience is that I'm used to dealing with bitter disagreement and able to distinguish between good people and bad ideas. I mean, we can completely disagree without turning to personal abuse. It has desensitised me to extremely different viewpoints and helped sharpen my own critical thinking.

    It helps fight the "echo chamber" effect, where like-minded people hanging out together simply reaffirm their own prejudices. So I welcome people who bitterly disagree with my thoughts to comment here on this blog too. These criticisms help me to challenge my own prejudices.

    Plus I get a laugh out of some of this stuff ;)


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