Monday, April 26, 2010

Blame the Jews. (They're probably guilty.)

I'm used to popular conspiracy theories blaming Israel and "Zionist" Americans for terrorist attacks in Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, Iran and so on. Only this January the Iranian government blamed Israel and the US for a bomb attack that killed a physicist in Tehran.

This excuse for internal violence is used a suspiciously large number of times, throwing into doubt how often, if ever, it reflects reality. Still, countries have often supported internal dissidents in enemy nations in the past so it may sometimes be plausible.

But I have just seen it pushed further than ever before, on a discussion forum where a Pakistani member had this to say:

"Israel is the cause and reason for 95% of violence and terror in the world."

Ninety-five percent! Israel has a population of around 7 million. The single Pakistani city of Karachi has a population of around 12 million. Yet the titchy little Israeli nation is supposedly more powerful than almost the combined human population (6,697,254,041 at latest estimate) so that its crimes extend all around the world!

In the same post the member remarked that anyone who supports Israel must be "brainwashed". Eh...

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