Friday, February 19, 2010

Niger's Youth Bulge exploding?

Some time ago I wrote about the Youth Bulge - the idea that the proportion of young males in a population can help determine how stable or violent the country is as a whole.

While I researched this I noticed that one country seemed to have an exceptionally high total fertility rate, and an exceptionally young population. By 2009 the average woman in Niger was having 7.07 children, and a staggering 21% of Niger's population was under the age of four. I knew nothing about Niger, but these figures hinted at explosive population growth that made me uneasy. I considered writing a blog predicting that Niger may face terrible violence and instability as this massive Youth Bulge ages.

Today the BBC are reporting a military coup in Niger, with the president captured after "gun battles" in the city.

So, while still very ignorant about Niger, I wonder: is it beginning to kick off?

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