Thursday, February 4, 2010

For fame: let someone else get caught

Perhaps you have heard of the Australian banker caught looking up massive pictures of a hot girl on his computer while his colleague gave a serious live TV interview. The BBC mention that Google searches for the girl in question, Australian model Miranda Kerr, have shot up since the video started spreading online.

I decided to check just how much searches have gone up using Google Insights for Search, which shows the relative popularity of a search term compared to all other terms searched over a given period of time. Kerr's search chart looks like this:

Worldwide, searches for Kerr went up over 500% since the start of January!

Interestingly, Australia is highest for searches (relative to all other searches performed in Oz), but Mexico comes next. If we look at Mexican search data only, interest in Miranda Kerr seems to have absolutely exploded from this video: searches were 20 times higher on January 21st (relative to other searches) than on January 12th.

So there it is: if you want to attract attention in Mexico, get someone to look up naughty photos of you in the background during a TV interview in Australia.

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